God Bless Our Health Workers and Thank You Cookeville City Council

Stay safe, Take care. We need more PPE’s for our health care workers. Hopefully our governor realized this weeks ago and didn’t let the other states get all the supplies. We are going to need some of them too.

Our secondary need is PPE’s for the rest of us. I never bought the idea that face masks were not effective for rest of us. (I call bullshit) Where are the tests? I thought “everyone who wants a tests could get a test?” (week 3 and still no wide testing)

My prediction is we won’t be let off of “stay in place” until we have tests, and PPE’s for everyone that needs them. Florida will be the worst state for the number of deaths, beating NY, and CA.

Thank you Cookeville city council. The governor needed to get proactive 2 weeks ago. Hopefully you pass your resolution.

March – Coronavirus Alert

The virus is just starting to appear in Cookeville. It is now affecting our healthcare workers. It is time for 60+ seniors to self isolate. Until widely available testing is ready seniors should not go out in public. We are weeks to months away from full proper testing.

If you are 60+, and live in the Algood Dry Valley area I am offering my employees services, and van to do store pickup for you. Contact me through email laserray@gmx.com, we will help keep you isolated from the virus.

We have donated to Life Church, and they already offer food services to seniors.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

January 2020 – 10 Speeding Arrests in Algood

The last Herald Citizen article about our site got my curiosity. It included a quote from the chief of police that the Algood police make over 100 speeding arrests per month. We just had to check that claim out. The fact is speeding arrests in Algood barely will top 100 per YEAR.

Things changed for the better last month and I’d be remiss if I didn’t point it out. 10 arrests last month. 3 for speeding in a 15mph zone. 5 for 50 in a 30 mph. 7 people live in Cookeville. Nice Job (J)! The good work is always appreciated.

Speed Data 2019 Update

We have stored last year’s 2019 speeding stats, and reset this year’s speed data. You should be able to clearly identify the repeated reckless drivers. These drivers represent less than 3% of the driving population. The 2019 reckless driver stats should be working again. You can also see the repeated offenders last year vs this year in our current stats.

We are starting to record driving patterns of all vehicles passing through Cooper Rd. We can certainly help identify illegal activity in our neighborhood. We will offer our city access to LPR information that the big cities already use here in Tennessee.

We can also identify any speeder on Cooper Rd BEFORE they reach the end of Cooper Rd in real time. (hint, very useful if your are the police stake out on Dry Valley Rd.) You can hear some of these vehicles drive through Algood, speeding down our various roads. Late weekend nights you can hear them go from one side of Algood, finishing down Dry Valley Rd.

Algood Speeders Project


Happy New Year!!!

I have been busy rewriting system code so there is no report this month. Hopefully by next month the system will generate it’s own reports. If you look our current speed graphics you will see we aren’t that far away.

We are capturing vehicle plates 24/7 in real-time. Takes 3-4 seconds to capture and store a plate number. The goal is to know a speeder’s traffic pattern. The night plate capture is over 90% accurate, which is amazing.

A big thank you to the Algood police, and the city of Algood for stepping up traffic enforcement. Also thank you to the 90% of citizens that keep obeying posted speed limit.

The website may be offline, or under construction over the next few months. We need build a nice user interface for our system.

Top 20 Speeders Dashboard