Algood Speeders Project

Our Poster Vehicle.

Plate 5R26K8 2010-2014 Silver Nissan Maxima 24 times over the limit within one month! See political section. We intend to take action.

We will open a section for attorneys, and insurance companies to help them locate reckless speeding vehicles which are in litigation

Welcome to Google search, Top Speeders. We will keep this list updated. It will be sent to Algood City Management monthly. I will request traffic violation records in return. We will be tracking this data for future use.

Top Speeders as of 10/24/19

9 times Honda Plate MMEGHA

7 times Jaguar R0151B – now at 9 times this vehicle is out of control. Also goes by R0I5IB. Must have lots of $$$ to spend on tickets.

9 times Honda 2K75F8

19 times nissan 5R216K8 Now at 24, speeds twice per day

12 times toyota 8K05E5

9 times jeep 3D39H7

8 times honda 2K75F6

8 times Jeep 0M49V0

8 times Ford 150 53PH23

8 times jeep 3D39H7

7 times gmc C73725

7 times honda 2K7516

7 times nissan 7G72C5

7 times ford 150 53PH23

7 times toyota VENICE What would you speed with a vanity plate? ALG00D1 missed the top rating even though I see 9 times under various aliases .

5 times toyots F97491

5 times jeep L0212S This jeep has been caught doing 50+ weeks before plate ID.

5 times ford 150 X44288

4 times honda 224TK9

The system is undergoing major changes. We added 4 new cameras. 2 for plate ID and 2 for a wide view. The software is being developed to use Python for recording instead of Blue Iris. The videos are much higher HD quality.

Top 20 Speeders Dashboard