Speed Data 2019 Update

We have stored last year’s 2019 speeding stats, and reset this year’s speed data. You should be able to clearly identify the repeated reckless drivers. These drivers represent less than 3% of the driving population. The 2019 reckless driver stats should be working again. You can also see the repeated offenders last year vs this year in our current stats.

We are starting to record driving patterns of all vehicles passing through Cooper Rd. We can certainly help identify illegal activity in our neighborhood. We will offer our city access to LPR information that the big cities already use here in Tennessee.

We can also identify any speeder on Cooper Rd BEFORE they reach the end of Cooper Rd in real time. (hint, very useful if your are the police stake out on Dry Valley Rd.) You can hear some of these vehicles drive through Algood, speeding down our various roads. Late weekend nights you can hear them go from one side of Algood, finishing down Dry Valley Rd.