June 9th Algood City Council Meeting

I finally decided to attend the city council meeting to express my views on the Cooper Rd issues.

Algood City Council Meeting 6/9/2020 Starts at 36 minutes

Few things I’d like to point out. I stated publicly that there is/was a drug distribution house somewhere around Cooper Rd. Nobody cared. They even refused to pick up the pictures they wanted for a local drug store robbery. Nobody from the city has ever returned a email when I complained about these kind of issues. All those speeders have been reported to the city many times. Luke Hill was very concern that I accused him of getting and/or accepting favors. I did not. The data shows after he requested some vehicle data from me that there was a two month uptick of speeding tickets in his neighborhood. That is just a fact, of course the police return to normal patterns before and after the event. It’s data my friends that exposes the truth. The police are now sitting in a very bad position. I expanded my record request and discovered something very serious. Now I will expand the request and compile the data. It has become apparent I wasn’t the only person with unaddressed issues.

The meeting turn out to be fruitful I got some time to talk to the council and make some new friends who are just as concerned as me. We started identifying a bunch of the speeders, of course the police were silent.

In a city of less than 5,000 people you think we could all get along and make our community better? No, it’s disingenuous politics and lazy workers.

I walk down the road less traveled. I find the middle of the road then see a light at the end. The light is God. There are another set of foot steps behind me. Thank you lord for your guidance.