We are back!!

We are back after a few months of down time. Many technical changes have been made. Changes were made in the radar beam pattern which should enable Cooper Rd to be covered up to the turn before the Walmart intersection. The network has been changed over to a Unifi network ($$$). Some of the site may still be non-operational for a while due to new security. We added a new live street view which will give my neighbors access to live views and stored history.

Data collection has started once again.

Speed Sign Adjustment

We adjusted the speed sign not to display until the AI and digital radar unit picks up on what it thinks is a moving vehicle. This should eliminate the sign displaying “radar bounces”. It also gives us control at the lower speeds as well upper speeds. PSA and social engineering has had a positive effect greater then actual enforcement.

Have fun trying to collect that $100. I see you trying to trick the system. I’m quite impressed how well it’s working. It will be worth $100 for you to prove me wrong.

My answer to Chief Armour’s question about our speed sign accuracy and a $100 reward.

First off I like to thank the 90-95% of you who are compliant and drive reasonably down Cooper Rd. The neighbors have taken noticed and say thanks. They object to the 5-10 percent scofflaws because now they stick out like sore thumbs. We are also collectively going to do something about our noisy mustangs. The city council is well aware of you. We can all hear you a half mile away. Eventually the local neighbors will have to attend a council meeting about the noise shows. We all hear your mustangs speeding down Dry Valley Rd. Another $100 reward for their home addresses.

I would also like to thank Luke Hill our councilman. He has been honest and open to information exchange.

No speeder has been turned into the town council that was speeding less than 10-50 times and exceeding 50 mph. We are now dropping that speed to 40 mph thanks to all you who actually try to be good neighbors. You can expect monthly reports on these repeated speeders at each council meeting. The mayor has publicly stated Cooper Rd is known “as the race track”. All we ask is you keep it below 35mph. Simple enough request in a 25mph zone with lots of children. If you think my system is in error I invite you to sue me, or collect your reward.

It appears some citizens have observed our speed signs register speeds when there is no one on the road. My answer is no kidding it’s a hot mic trying to find something. <facepalm> They wrongly assume that the data is being collected and “innocent vehicles” are being recorded. I challenge you to find one. A $100 reward for anyone for anyone who can prove that the 5 cameras and fully automated system popped an innocent car. $500 reward if you can find the system tagging the wrong car twice. Trucks do not count as we know about the 90 degree bounce issue.

The technical details of our system is located on a link on the top of the page. I won’t expect any of you including the Chief to spend even a minute reading it. You just want to take a detail out of context and justify your bad behavior. The Chief just changes the conversation. I know you are busy but you bought that BS up. Now spend the same time to learn why you are wrong.

The speed display is a $250 radar toy. You could set one up for about $350 in parts. The sign is only for feedback to the drivers nothing more. Statistical studies show drivers must receive feedback information in order to be partially compliant. Many others just go faster. The sign is connected to a highly Advance Computer System via the internet(worth 3-10k). The ACS system turns the sign off after a vehicle exceeds 35mph. The sign speed doesn’t know any digital details of the radar information. It hunts for a target and displays the speed. Any police officer who use radar knows the radar unit needs trained operator with a “brain”. I may add code to the sign system to keep the display off until ACS declares a valid vehicle. Right now I’m busy making money.

Now the ACS system is another story. It is the “brains” of the operation. A second digital radar system transmits, iteration counts, speed, direction, and signal strength. Timestamps are added, and we know the approximate time and velocity a vehicle travels down Cooper Rd. We know when two vehicles are passing by and keep count of traffic flow. ACS analyses the data Over 10 cameras are setup and interfaced to do various things. When ACS picks up a speeder the 1st thing it does it turn off the speed sign. The next thing it does to it tells 5 camera to go back 20-25 seconds and start looking for a vehicle plate ID. It continues to record for another 10-20 seconds. All the while posting technical data such as time, date, plate number, speed, direction,and signal, on a heads up display on each video. The system decides whether to accept or reject the results. One reject is label a “miss”. The system can miss for many reasons. The main reason normally is it misses the plate due to lighting conditions. The next reject code is “local”. Normally it means they are pulling in a local drive way. The only false reading I haven’t been not able to completely block out is the right angle bounce. 90% of the bounce is filtered do to rapid velocity changes. However is every case 5 camera are synced up and you can clearly see whether a person is speeding and their duration from various angles.

All this data is stored forever. You can see the results on our web page. Click on the vehicle plate number and you can see their past history. V2 can use partial plate numbers. Using “GE” or “ALG” will reveal interesting results. We can search for vehicle type and color. Again $100 reward if you can prove a mistake. I am certain you may find one but never will you find two. We don’t report the one offs. So whats your issue?

Do we now understand the sign is for you the driver? It’s not used for data collection. The entire month the sign was off. The ACS was recording data.

Just like washing your hands after you go to the bathroom, most of you are dirty when no one is watching. It was the same with the speed sign. I don’t need it to collect data. The sign is there to remind you to behave. Everything you do on Cooper Rd is charted, graphed, and recorded by AI. I guess sound recordings are next. 10 percent of you are little spoiled babies law breakers unless there is an officer in plain sight.

Finally I think your observation was just another excuse not to do what is morally correct. Citing traffic deaths rate is just another deflection as to why you can’t keep traffic under control. Supply the traffic records in the proper format then we can discuss priority and the use of resources.

June 11 Apologies Accepted

Always accept a sincere apologies. Thank you all for your kind words we all do foolish things. The council meeting has opened new data points that need to be compiled.

June 9th Algood City Council Meeting

I finally decided to attend the city council meeting to express my views on the Cooper Rd issues.

Algood City Council Meeting 6/9/2020 Starts at 36 minutes

Few things I’d like to point out. I stated publicly that there is/was a drug distribution house somewhere around Cooper Rd. Nobody cared. They even refused to pick up the pictures they wanted for a local drug store robbery. Nobody from the city has ever returned a email when I complained about these kind of issues. All those speeders have been reported to the city many times. Luke Hill was very concern that I accused him of getting and/or accepting favors. I did not. The data shows after he requested some vehicle data from me that there was a two month uptick of speeding tickets in his neighborhood. That is just a fact, of course the police return to normal patterns before and after the event. It’s data my friends that exposes the truth. The police are now sitting in a very bad position. I expanded my record request and discovered something very serious. Now I will expand the request and compile the data. It has become apparent I wasn’t the only person with unaddressed issues.

The meeting turn out to be fruitful I got some time to talk to the council and make some new friends who are just as concerned as me. We started identifying a bunch of the speeders, of course the police were silent.

In a city of less than 5,000 people you think we could all get along and make our community better? No, it’s disingenuous politics and lazy workers.

I walk down the road less traveled. I find the middle of the road then see a light at the end. The light is God. There are another set of foot steps behind me. Thank you lord for your guidance.

We are Back!!!

Collected the information I needed. The speed sign needs to stay up. Will be buying ads in Harold Citizen. All we ask is you slow down, and give us an apology. When contacting your attorney please let them know this.

We are offering YN95 masks to people who have high risk factor for covid.

January 2020 – 10 Speeding Arrests in Algood

The last Herald Citizen article about our site got my curiosity. It included a quote from the chief of police that the Algood police make over 100 speeding arrests per month. We just had to check that claim out. The fact is speeding arrests in Algood barely will top 100 per YEAR.

Things changed for the better last month and I’d be remiss if I didn’t point it out. 10 arrests last month. 3 for speeding in a 15mph zone. 5 for 50 in a 30 mph. 7 people live in Cookeville. Nice Job (J)! The good work is always appreciated.

Speed Data 2019 Update

We have stored last year’s 2019 speeding stats, and reset this year’s speed data. You should be able to clearly identify the repeated reckless drivers. These drivers represent less than 3% of the driving population. The 2019 reckless driver stats should be working again. You can also see the repeated offenders last year vs this year in our current stats.

We are starting to record driving patterns of all vehicles passing through Cooper Rd. We can certainly help identify illegal activity in our neighborhood. We will offer our city access to LPR information that the big cities already use here in Tennessee.

We can also identify any speeder on Cooper Rd BEFORE they reach the end of Cooper Rd in real time. (hint, very useful if your are the police stake out on Dry Valley Rd.) You can hear some of these vehicles drive through Algood, speeding down our various roads. Late weekend nights you can hear them go from one side of Algood, finishing down Dry Valley Rd.