Radar Gun Project Wiki РThanks Kevin, I did abandon this project. 

Radar Training Information – Read and Learn

For those who can’t read here is a video on proper radar use

MTAS Road Right of Way for TN – The things the city didn’t tell me or even read before they attempted to cite me. That would make anyone not trust their city.


DRU III Radar Box (certified and calibrated, subpoena us for proof)


Algood Local Codes, the city is guilty of picking and choosing what they enforce.

Open ALPR Wiki – Automatic License Plate Recognition

OpenALPR Documentation

IP CAM Talk – great place for camera and LPR information

A of U Report on Residential Speeding Рvery thorough information about speeding 

The world is not fair, and justice is not blind or fair. See links below.

Cop arrested Cop doing 120mph in police car then gets harassed – no good deed deserves to goes unpunished.

Cops vs Politicians – even politician want/get special favors