There are politics afloat whenever you try to impost your will on people. You ARE imposing your will. People drove with impunity and now you are holding them accountable. 20% will oppose you. They feel it’s their right to speed, you are not the law, and they are anonymous.

20% will refuse to slow down Some will intentionally speed up, make noises, or worse. Do NOT confront these people. They are pure evil. Let them go. They will be the first examples you will give to the authorities.

If you don’t know the town politicians you will be introduced to them. Someone will complain about your setup. My guess will be as soon as you report someone they will find a way to retaliate. Make sure you have all your videos ready. You first reported abusers should commercial vehicles. There is a certain liability, if and when they have an accident someone can use this information in a lawsuit. Don’t threaten anything, simply report them to management. If they are clueless about the liability, screw em, let God sort it out. Keep those videos for court.

The first tactic against you will be intimidation using whatever law, or code violation. Some have reported the local police will be supportive as they understand and can’t put that much resources into the issue. Others are not so lucky. So be careful. You first attack will be a domain, or right of way question. Start gathering your laws and codes for your state and town. Hire a lawyer and put them on retainer. Remember your in it for the long haul. Everyone speeds so they will instinctively opposed to what you are doing. Repeat over and over “It’s about safety nothing else. What are you doing to fix this?”.

Right of Way – Most states have this, which should stop any signs, or brick posts. So go out and start recording all the violations. Also this right of way is detailed in your property deed. If they can really impose this right of way for this reason, you wouldn’t have tag sale signs, brick mail posts, or political signs all over the place. Be careful not to post official looking traffic signs.

Tennessee seems to have standardized town codes with MTAS having much of the specific interpretations of the law. Google is your friend.

Be co-operative and willing to compromise. Let them know this will be appealed if you can’t get results. In my state I get trial by jury, which in theory will bypass the political bullshit. No I don’t trust our legal system, nor should you.

Do NOT trust your government, or the press to be on your side. Traffic abiding citizens can be a majority. It takes time, and effort. Make sure you lead by example. So be on you guard don’t get caught speeding! If you are not involved in town politics it will be challenging to weave through it. Your enemies will be well versed.

Plate ID’s – while the Web API technology is available to gather public information.  State law will dictate how much information you can have. Plate ID is public info and so is the information it relates to. TN law is quite specific about this subject. You by law can’t make certain information public. You can NOT contact or harass any individuals with this information. You can display “Bob <Plate #> stop speeding” or give a report to police. The goal here is to let everyone know Plate speeds everyday or 5 times this month, the times, and the speeds. You will absolutely need video information from various angle. My suggest would be not to connect name data with plate data. If you can let the police do that. If not, then you have to challenge the law. This will be costly in both money, and time.

Brings me to the subject of attorneys. Get one! Talk to him/her and do your research. Don’t rely on anybody but you. Do your homework. When meeting with city officials it should go like this. If you bring an attorney they have to bring an attorney. This is not a good way to negotiate. Follow your attorney’s advice but used the weapon sparingly. Co-operation is in everybody’s interest.

At some point you will peak interest with everyone in your city hall. Make sure you begin a conversation with you mayor, city manager, etc. Have them direct you to your chief of police. You are going to need them. Without their co-operation life with be difficult, so best behavior is in order. You don’t understand all that they know so be open to reason.

First meeting with City Officials:

I had my first meeting with the Algood police department and it went very well. We agreed to co-operate. That there are limited resources, and it can be a constant battle for them. Input from citizens seems to be welcome. The speeding rates have dropped way below 20% most times. We need have a small few making things really bad. Racing the speed sign, going 50+mph. Making noises, etc. I am recording all of this, and he next phase is to start counting the number of times on vehicle abuses the system. When the evidence is overwhelming I transfer it over to our police department. You need patience, and sometimes I lack it.

Open offer to my Dry Valley Rd neighbors. I am willing to put up a unit for you at no cost to you.

I feel I have caused extra issues , as some people just make up time on Dry Valley Road as a side effect. I apologize. Dry Valley around Cooper Rd never felt safe to me. The corner, and the speeding cars from the direction of the school make a bad combination. The police have set up their data collection and we have agreed to share data.

We had a change in direction after exchanging ideas with opposing factions and Kate from the Herald-Citizen. We will never store person information on vehicle passengers with the speeding data. We will treat vehicle as autonomous. We are not interested in issuing people tickets. We are not interested in who is in the autonomous vehicle. We are interested in public safety. We do take issue with the government not stopping said vehicle to find out why it repeatedly speed with excess. I notice the opposition like thhrowing ‘innocent’ people in front of the bus. They use their civil rights as a road block to solving the issue. Ask them how solve the issue and you get no answer. So lets keep the people out of this equation. Vehicles are licensed to obey the speed limit. If they aren’t repeatedly the government should regulate that. Any questions?

“Why can’t you just slow down?”